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by ITB
  1. To reach net zero by 2050, Costa Rica, which boasts 6.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity and 3.5 percent of its marine life, has placed sustainability at the centre of its travel and tourism industry
  2. Established in 1802, the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), is one of the finest art museums in Belgium and, indeed, Europe. To celebrate this huge milestone, the institute is running an exceptional programme of exhibitions and events until the end of August 2023. tHE Ghent Museum vaan Schoonen Kunsten (Museum of Fine Arts) opened …
  3. As travellers search to escape the January blues, ITB lists some of the best spas in Central Europe for a unique pampering holiday.
  4. ITB Berlin has launched a virtual B2B platform giving visitors the chance to prepare for the show and broaden their experience.
  5. Is there anything more romantic than travelling across Africa on a classic train? Steeped in both history and luxury, South Africa's deluxe trains offer honeymooner's the most unforgettable travel experience.